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NEW Logan Lumber Product Guide 63 MB June 2014
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Click on the product name below for quick reference information on the products we source for our customers:

Southern Yellow Pine Western Spruce Boards
Douglas Fir Eastern White Pine
Ponderosa Pine Trex Outdoor Living
Cypress Hardwoods
Western Red Cedar Panel Products
LP® FlameBlock®  



Southern Yellow Pine

    C & BTR boards
    #2 Boards

    Beaded Ceiling
    T&G VJT 1x,2x
    Novelty Siding
    #3- #4 NGM

    Southern yellow pine is a strong, hard, heavy type of lumber. It has a large range of uses including millwork, shelving, paneling, siding, ceiling, flooring, interior trim and cabinet work. It has a rich golden color with a distinctive grain pattern. The upper grades have very straight grain and are clear. Once in service it is very stable.
Douglas Fir

    C & BTR 5/4, 2x
    C & BTR 4 x 4
    C & BTR 8/4 VG Rough

    Douglas Fir is a beautiful specie of lumber. We sell an appearance grade of the lumber. Douglas Fir has a light rosy color with a straight and handsome grain pattern. Douglas fir will machine to an exceptionally smooth, glossy surface.

    Douglas Fir is a favorite of finish carpenters, furniture manufacturers and cabinet makers. Douglas Fir's characteristics make it ideal for joinery, doors, millwork, window and door casings, mantels, stairs, and baseboards. When dry, it retains its shape and size and won't check or show a raised grain. Additionally, Douglas Fir has an excellent performance record when used in exposed applications for exterior trim without ground contact.
Western Spruce Boards

    Visit the Gorman Brothers web site.

    #2 & BTR common
    #3 Common
    2x2 Premium

    Extremely light and almost white in color, Spruce takes paints, stains and varnishes easily and holds them well. Spruce can be used for flooring, ceiling, siding, cabinet, and roof boards. Spruce is light weight and strong.

Ponderosa Pine
    1x16 Edge Glued Shelving

    Ponderosa Pine is a soft textured wood used primarily for cabinetry. Ponderosa Pine is straw like in color and has a straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear, smooth surface. Ponderosa Pine should be specified when appearance rather than strength is specified.
Eastern White Pine
    Clear Finger Joint 1x & 5/4
    Premium 1 x 12
    Standard 1 x 12
    T&G VJT
    Beaded Ceiling

    Eastern White Pine is a softwood with some very nice qualities. It is easily machined, has an excellent dimensional stability and a high resistance to splitting. It has many varied uses such as pattern making, carving, drawing boards, musical instruments, ship and boat building, domestic wood ware, cabinetry, furniture, millwork, doors, trim and general cabinetry work.

    Select & BTR

    Select & BTR
    #2 & BTR
    T&G VJT
    Beaded Ceiling

    #2 & BTR

    Cypress is a beautiful, distinctive specie that is both elegant and rugged. Cypress has been used by artisans for centuries. Romans sculpted images of their gods from cypress and, during the Middle Ages, European masters carved great cathedral doors from this time-honored material. Applications include fence posts, shingles, clapboards, shingles, exterior trim, shutters, and window boxes. Many builders and trade professionals throughout the U.S. are using cypress in what had traditionally been cedar, redwood and treated pine applications. It is superbly workable, easily installed, and readily finished. Cypress is very durable due to a natural preservative oil know as "cypressene" which gives the heartwood resistance to insects and decay.

Trex Composite Products

    Visit the Trex website

    1x6 5/4x6 2x2
    2x4 2x6 2x8 2x10
    4x4 Railpost

    Trex Wood-Polymer is lumber that brings together some of the best properties of wood and plastic. Compared to conventional decking lumber, Trex decking offers so much more: outstanding durability without preservatives or sealants, very workable, and an elegant natural coloring that stays looking great year after year. Structures using composite lumber like Trex decking have been standing up to the toughest environments for over ten years.

    Trex decking is made from reclaimed & recycled materials. There are two "ingredients" in Trex decking - waste wood fiber and reclaimed plastics, such as grocery sacks and stretch film.

    Trex is environmentally friendly: No preservatives, No chemical additives, No virgin wood.

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Western Red Cedar
    Visit the Western Red Cedar Association website

    A & BTR Finger Joint
    STD & BTR S1S2E (80%STK)
    C & BTR S4S

    T&G VJT
    Bevel Siding
    Channel Rustic

    A & BTR Finger Joint
    #2 & BTR Rough
    4 x 4 Rough
    A&BTR S4S

    Western Red Cedar is a wood of exceptional beauty. It has a light amber color that cannot be copied by anything man made. It has a wonderfully appealing fragrance that adds another dimension to its qualities. Western Red Cedar is also highly resistant to decay, which makes in great for outdoor use. It is lightweight with close, even grain. It is easily worked and can be finished smooth with little effort. Western Red Cedar is also free from pitch and takes paints, stains. Western Red Cedar is used in windows, moldings, railings, outdoor furniture and garden trim such as latticework, pickets, arbors, summer houses, etc., where exposure to the elements is continually severe. Interior uses include wall paneling, ceilings, doors, windows, shelving, sashes, built-in furniture and cabinets. Articles exposed to high humidity such as greenhouses, hotbeds, feed and water troughs, irrigation flumes and rain gutters demand the extreme decay resistance of Western Red Cedar. Its light weight makes it suitable for luggage stock, toy manufacture, core stock, theater staging, furniture, etc. It is renowned as the finest native wood available for boat building and other marine structures.
    Marine Plywood
    Douglas Fir A.C.
    Southern Pine B.C.
    MDO (Medium Density Overlay)
    Cedar Plywood Sidings
    Birch Plywood

LP® FlameBlock®

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing offers you the best of both worlds—impressive structural strength and remarkable burn-through fire resistance. Created by applying a patented, non-combustible Pyrotite® coating to LP® OSB panels, LP FlameBlock Sheathing is an ICC certified (ESR-1365), structural fire-rated sheathing with a Class A Flame Spread Rating. It provides extended burn-through resistance, delivering a 20-minute thermal barrier (ASTM E119). It’s durable on the job site, easy to work with, and is Exposure-1 rated to withstand weather during normal construction delays. LP FlameBlock Sheathing is cost competitive and is available in a variety of PS2-rated thicknesses and lengths, including Struc-1. Plus it contains no hazardous chemicals. Backed by a 20-Year Transferable Limited Warranty, LP FlameBlock Sheathing is the one to count on when every minute counts.

    Premium Ipé Hardwood Decking
    1x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 2x4 and 2x6

    With a Premium Ipé hardwood deck, you will truly be the envy of the neighborhood, because of the beauty, durability, ease of installation and low maintenance. Using any of our two hidden fasteners will leave a deck surface free of exposed fasteners (no pre-drilling is required on the TC-G system).

    Red Oak S4S
    1x4 - 1x12

    Red Oak is a nice looking product that behaves well under adverse moisture conditions, planes easily, turns well, and is adapted to most any type of finishing. It is used on high grade furniture, interior woodwork, and flooring.

    Poplar S4S

    1x4 - 1x12

    Poplar is a soft and light wood with a straight grain and fine texture. It is mostly used for cabinetry, doors, and interior trim.